Anstehende Tagungen und Termine
  • 23.02–25.02.2015 | Aachen, Germany
    25th Seminar on Activation Analysis and Gamma Spectroscopy (SAAGAS)
    From basic research to industrial applications, a challenge for the 21th century
    Interner Link 25th SAAGAS - Feb 2015 - 2nd Call (PDF 177 k)
    Interner Link 25th SAAGAS - Programme (PDF 139 k)
  • 08.03–12.03.2015 | New Orleans, LA USA
    Pittcon Conference and Expo. General information:
    Externer Link  www.pittcon.org/
  • 11.03–14.03.2015 | Université de Toulouse, Frankreich
    Iron Age gold in Celtic Europe – society, technology and archaeometry
    Interner Link Toulouse Programme (PDF 344 k)
  • 22.03–26.03.2015 | Denver, CO USA
    249th National Meeting and Exposition, American Chemical Society. General information:
    Externer Link  http://www.acs.org
  • 25.03–28.03.2015 | Mainz, Germany
    Archäometrie und Denkmalpflege 2015, 1. Zirkular
    Interner Link  Weiterlesen und Anmelden… (Word 584 k)
    Interner Link  Programm Mainz… (PDF 243 k)
  • 25.03–29.03.2015 | St. Louis, Missouri USA
    American Association of Physical Anthropologists 84th Annual Meeting. General information:
    Externer Link  physanth.org/annual-meeting
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  • 08.04–11.04.2015 | Durham, UK
    UK Archaeological Sciences conference
    Externer Link  https://www.dur.ac.uk/archaeology/conferences/current/u kas/
  • 15.04–19.04.2015 | San Francisco, CA USA
    Society for American Archaeology. 80th Annual Meeting
    Externer Link  www.saa.org/AbouttheSociety/AnnualMeeting
  • 27.04–30.04.2015 | Catania, Italy
    TECHNART 2015 Conference on “Non-Destructive And Microanalytical Techniques In Art And Cultural Heritage”
    Externer Link   http://technart2015.lns.infn.it/
  • 27.04–30.04.2015 | Besancon, Frankreich
    GMPCA congress – Archeometry 2015
    → E-Mail:
    Externer Link  http://chrono-environnement.univ-fcomte.fr
  • 03.05–07.05.2015 | Montreal, Canada
    Special session: “Combining archaeology and geosciences: the challenges of variable time and spatial scales”
    → E-Mail:
    → E-Mail:
    Externer Link  http://ja.agu.org/2015
  • 18.05–22.05.2015 | Split , Croatia
    ASMOSIA XI International Conference: Association for the Study of Marble & Other Stones in Antiquity Split , Croatia. Abstract deadline: December 15th, 2014.
    Externer Link   http://asmosiaxi.wix.com/split
  • 27.05–30.05.2015 | Leiden University, Netherlands
    Metalwork use-wear analysis: The loss of innocence, Meeting of the Association of Archaeological Wear and Residue Analysts (AWRANA)
    Interner Link  Info… (PDF 78 k)
  • 29.05–30.05.2015 | Rethymno, Crete
    “Communities, Landscapes, and Interaction in Neolithic Greece”, “IGEAN – Innovative Geophysical Approaches for the Study of Early Agricultural Villages of Neolithic Thessaly”
    Externer Link   http://igean.ims.forth.gr/conference.
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  • June 2015 | Jerusalem
    International Conference on Archeology 2015: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible.
    And a call for Abstracts: The scientific committee of the conference invites experts to submit abstracts on the conference topics. The list of topics is presented on the conference web-site: Interner Link http://holy-land-archeology.com/index.php?page_id=16
    More details on the conference are available on the site:Interner Link http://holy-land-archeology.com/
  • 03.06–06.06.2015 | Madrid, Spanien
    Archaeometallurgy in Europe IV. Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales
    Interner Link Info… (PDF 67 k)
    → E-Mail:
  • 09.06–13.06.2015 | Gothenburg, Schweden
    The 13th Nordic Bronze Age symposium
    Interner Link Nordic Bronze Age symposium 2015 (PDF 197 k)
  • 23.06–26.06.2015 | Modena, Italy
    International Workshop for African Archaeobotany
    Externer Link  http://www.palinopaleobot.unimore.it
  • 02.09–05.09.2015 | Glasgow
    21st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists
    Externer Link  http://eaaglasgow2015.com
  • 05.11–07.11.2015 | Curaçao
    Society for American Archaeology (SAA) and the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA): Connecting Continents: Archaeological Perspectives on Slavery, Trade, and Colonialism.
    Externer Link  http://www.saa.org



  • Spring 2016 | Kalamata, Greece
    International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA)
    Externer Link  http://www.ims.demokritos.gr/ISA/
  • 29.08–02.09.2016 | Kyoto, Japan
    World Archaeological Congress
    Externer Link  http://www.worldarchaeologicalcongress.org
  • 28.11–02.12.2016 | Fremantle, WA Australia
    The Sixth International Congress on Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA6)
    Externer Link  http://www.aima-underwater.org.au/ikuwa6-2016
Ausstellung 2016

Schätze der Archäologie Vietnams. 2016 zunächst im LWL-Museum für Archäologie Herne, danach im Haus der Archäologie und Geschichte Sachsens, Chemnitz, und von Mai bis August 2017 in den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen/Museum Weltkulturen in Mannheim.

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