• Call for Papers | International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era
    Special Issue on: Novel Technologies for the Safeguarding and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) | deadline 30. June 2014
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  • Nachruf Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brockner, Clausthal Im Sommer 2013 verstarb unser langjähriges Mitglied Herr Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brockner, Clausthal, im Alter von 75 Jahren. Interner Link  Weiterlesen… (PDF 89 k)

    Nachruf Matthias R. Krbetschek Am 15. Oktober 2012 verstarb unser lieber Freund und Kollege Matthias Krbetschek nach längerer Krankheit Zuhause in Freiberg/Sachsen. Interner Link  Weiterlesen… (PDF 255 k)

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    • 22.07–25.07.2014 | Guimarães Portugal
      HERITAGE 2014 4th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, General information:
      Externer Link  heritage2014.greenlines-institute.org/h2014website/
    • 26.07–27.07.2014 | Newry, Maine, USA
      Gordon Research Seminar on “Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research - Molecular and Material Analysis for Art, Archaeometry and Conservation”, Kontakt und Anmeldung:
      Externer Link  www.grc.org
    • 27.07–01.08.2014 | Newry, Maine, USA
      Gordon Research Conference on “Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research - Challenges and Complexity in Characterization and Conservation”, Kontakt und Anmeldung:
      Interner Link Gordon Research Conferences - 2014 Program - Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research (pdf 37 KB)
      Interner Link GRC_advertisement_slide_Jan2014 (pdf 123 KB)
      Externer Link www.grc.org
    • 03.08–07.08.2014 | Portland, OR, USA
      Tephra 2014 - Maximizing the potential of tephra for multidisciplinary science. General information:
      Externer Link  www.geohazards.buffalo.edu/documents/Tephra2014.shtml
    • 10.08–14.08.2014 | San Francisco, CA USA
      248th National Meeting and Exposition, American Chemical Society. General information:
      Externer Link  www.acs.org
    • 24.08–28.08.2014 | Chicago, IL USA
      8th International Conference on Isotopes and Expo. Session on isotopes and archaeometry. General information:
      Externer Link  www.8ici.org
    • 01.09–07.09.2014 | Burgos, Spain
      XVII Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISPP). Abstract deadline 30 April. General information:
      Externer Link  www.burgos2014uispp.com
    • 08.09.–13.09.2014| Istanbul
      European Association of Archaeologists
    • 10.09–12.09.2014 | Paris, France
      Synchrotron Radiation in Art and Archaeology. General information:
      Externer Link  www.sr2a-2014.org
    • 10.09.–12.09.2014 | Paris
      Synchroton Radiation in Art and Archaeology. General information:
      Externer Link  www.sr2a-2014.org
    • 15.09–19.09.2014 | Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      International Council of Museums, Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) 17th Triennial Meeting. General information:
      Externer Link  www.icom-cc.org
    • 17.09–19.09.2014 | Nicosia, University of Cyprus
    • 18.09–20.09.2014 | Florence, Italy
      4th annual meeting of the European Society for the study of Human Evolution (ESHE). General information:
      Externer Link  www.eshe.eu
    • 21.09–24.09.2014| Jena, Germany
      92nd Annual Meeting Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft. Sitzung vorgesehen für Archaeometry and monument conservation. | Deadline for Abstracts 30 May 2014
      Externer Link Kontakt: www.dmg2014.de
    • 28.09–03.10.2014 | Reno-Tahoe, Nevada
      SciX Conference 2014. Special symposium on "Chemistry in Art and Archaeology".
      Contact: Mary Kate Donais
      General information:Externer Link www.scixconference.org
    • 06.10.–10.10.2014| Berlin
      8. Deutscher Archäologiekongress. Henry Ford Bau und TOPOI Haus FU Berlin.
    • 06.10.–10.10.2014 | FU Berlin Dahlem
      8. Deutscher Archäologiekongress. Sitzung der GNAA vorgesehen.
      Externer Link  www.dvarch.de
    • 13.10–15.10.2014 | Durham, NC, USA
      5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology: THE AGE OF SENSING. General information:
      Externer Link  space2place.classicalstudies.duke.edu
    • 19.10–22.10.2014 | Vancouver, BC, Canada
      The Geological Society of America National Meeting. General information:
      Externer Link  www.geosociety.org/meetings/
      Special session: "The Archaeological Record as a Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Archive" Contact: Alice Kelley , Dan Sandweiss , with a proposed title by May 1st. Special session: "Coastal Geoarchaeology" Contact: Eduard Reinhardt or Joseph I. Boyce
    • 03.11–08.11.2014 | Cyprus University of Technology
      1st International Workshop on ICT for the Preservation and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Kontakt: Dr. Marinos Ioannides

      Externer Link www.euromed2014.eu
    • 19.11–22.11.2014 | San Diego, CA USA
      American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting. General information:
      Externer Link  www.asor.org/am/index.html
    • 01.12–03.12.2014 | Cairns, Queensland, Australia
      AAA/ Australian Archaeological Association ASHA 2014 Joint Conference: Culture, Climate, Change: Archaeology in the Tropics. General information:
      Externer Link  australianarchaeology.com
    • 03.12–07.12.2014 | Washington DC USA
      American Anthropological Association 113th Annual Meeting. “Producing Anthropology”. General information:
      Externer Link  www.aaanet.org/meetings/
    • 07.12–12.12.2014 | Adelaide, SA Australia
      Royal Australian Chemical Institute National Congress. Session on Chemical Analysis and Sensing in Conservation. General information:
      Externer Link  www.racicongress.com/program.htm
    • 15.12–19.12.2014 | San Francisco, CA USA
      American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. General information:
      Externer Link  www.agu.org/meetings/
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      ↓ 2015
    • 08.01–11.01.2015 | New Orleans, LA USA
      Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting (AIA and APA Joint Annual Meeting).
      Interner Link aia.archaeological.org
      Special session: “Getting Elemental: Integrating Isotopes and Archaeology” Co-organizers: Catherine M. Kearns(Cornell University) and Jeffrey F. Leon (Cornell University), Contact:
    • 08.01–11.01.2015 | New Orleans, LA, USA
      Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting.
      Externer Link  aia.archaeological.org
    • 06.01–15.01.2015 | Seattle, Washington USA
      Society for Historical Archaeology Conference. General information:
      Externer Link  www.sha.org/index.php/view/page/annual_meetings
    • 08.03–12.03.2015 | New Orleans, LA USA
      Pittcon Conference and Expo. General information:
      Externer Link  www.pittcon.org/
    • 22.03–26.03.2015 | Denver, CO USA
      249th National Meeting and Exposition, American Chemical Society. General information:
      Externer Link  http://www.acs.org
    • 25.03–29.03.2015 | St. Louis, Missouri USA
      American Association of Physical Anthropologists 84th Annual Meeting. General information:
      Externer Link  physanth.org/annual-meeting
    • 27.04–30.04.2015 | Besancon, Frankreich
      GMPCA congress – Archeometry 2015
      Externer Link  http://chrono-environnement.univ-fcomte.fr
    • June 2015 | Jerusalem
      International Conference on Archeology 2015: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible.
      And a call for Abstracts: The scientific committee of the conference invites experts to submit abstracts on the conference topics. The list of topics is presented on the conference web-site: Interner Link http://holy-land-archeology.com/index.php?page_id=16
      More details on the conference are available on the site:Interner Link http://holy-land-archeology.com/
    • Juni 2015| Madrid
      Archaeometallurgy in Europe IV. Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales
    Ausstellung 2016

    Schätze der Archäologie Vietnams. 2016 zunächst im LWL-Museum für Archäologie Herne, danach im Haus der Archäologie und Geschichte Sachsens, Chemnitz, und von Mai bis August 2017 in den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen/Museum Weltkulturen in Mannheim.

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